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A growing number of new and legacy applications are finding they need to interact with blockchains and decentralized applications. This means developers will require entirely new tools to author software for the Internet. Far more than just another IDE, Cryptofex is an exciting and ambitious reimagining of the software industry that integrates capital, technology, programming talent, and software distribution—in real time. Cryptofex’s blockchain development tools help users target a variety of blockchain environments, including RChain and Ethereum. Developers can use Cryptofex to build both on-chain and off-chain software components. And, Cryptofex’s integrated App Store will be the world’s first smart contract-mediated software market where developers can easily list, license, and sell their Cryptofex-certified software to consumers peer-to-peer.

A Merchant Solution For Cryptocurrency

Numifex is a merchant solution for accepting payments in cryptocurrency. The pre-release version processes Ethereum payments. Future versions of Numifex will support transactions in additional cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin. Follow us as we continue to make breakthroughs with this new and innovative solution. Apply to become an early adopter using the link below.



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