Server-side Javascript Unchained

Pyr8 is a high-performance JavaScript execution engine built on top of V8. Pyr8 is intended for use as a general purpose network server in large-scale distributed systems. Unlike existing JavaScript server solutions like NodeJS, Pyr8 provides the best combination of performance and security guarantees available. Pyr8’s JavaScript programming interface exposes a collection of bare-metal, thread-safe Linux APIs. Through a collection of simple API primitives built with high-performance, secure, distributed computing in mind, Pyr8 makes secure, large-scale applications a breeze to write.

Some of Pyr8’s highlights include:

  • Natively threaded web server.
  • Filesystem support, including a persistent key/value database.
  • Object capability security model that isolates programs from each other, while still allowing them to share resources.
  • APIs that are easy to understand and use correctly.
  • Security supported by a rich mathematical model.

Pyr8 is currently in development, contact us to become an early adopter.

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