Scalable. Fast. Secure.

A Scalable Blockchain

C∆’s scalable blockchain protocol is designed to provide users with a monetary transaction system capable of meeting the demands of the modern global economy. Based on the Casanova protocol, an innovative new consensus system developed by Pyrofex, the C∆ protocol provides mathematically proven performance and security characteristics.

C∆’s physical network achieves unparalleled performance by mirroring the shape of the Internet itself. Using a tiered network architecture, local validators connect to backbone validators with guaranteed priority bandwidth. Using this architecture, C∆ ensures the fastest block propagation and the lowest transaction confirmation latencies.

C∆ is unique among blockchains. Most blockchains are stuck finding a total ordering of all the world’s transactions. This process is very slow because every block requires an expensive consensus-finding protocol. Using Casanova and a simple UTXO transaction model, the C∆ blockchain eliminates this work and finalizes most transactions immediately. Only when a user attempts to double-spend does C∆ perform expensive and slow consensus finding. As a result of this innovation, C∆ confirms most transactions at wire speed. An attacker can only make his own transactions slower, but cannot materially affect the throughput of the rest of the network.

What Is CΔ?

C∆ is a powerful new proof-of-stake blockchain based on the Casanova protocol. Blockchain has altered the way we view consensus; C∆ will alter the way we think about scaling.

The C∆ blockchain seeks to support tens of thousands of transactions per second with extremely low latency, making it possible for everyone on the globe to transact quickly and easily on the blockchain. The C∆ chain’s focus is oriented towards payment processing as a core component of a decentralized application framework.

Key Features

High Transaction Throughput

Based on the revolutionary Casanova consensus algorithm developed by Pyrofex Research, the C∆ blockchain will provide robust transaction throughput unmatched. in the blockchain industry. The C∆ blockchain is architected to support tens of thousands of transactions each second by allowing all nodes to produce blocks simultaneously. This unique consensus architecture allows the C∆ blockchain to achieve unparalleled performance and reliability. Unlike traditional proof-of-work consensus systems, the C∆ blockchain is capable of producing thousands of blocks per second. Our unique network architecture ensures that transaction data is instantly and efficiently replicated across the entire network.

Optimistic Consensus

The C∆ blockchain takes full advantage of Casanova’s optimistic consensus system. Using a special-purpose UTXO transaction model that minimizes transaction conflicts, Casanova is able to opportunistically achieve consensus block after block. In the rare occasion a user attempts to double-spend, C∆ will perform full consensus finding. But, in such cases the impact is felt exclusively by the user engaged in the double-spend, while the rest of the network continues operating at full speed. This unique feature of C∆‘s design allows our blockchain to achieve unparalleled reliability when compared to the competition.

Quick Finality

The C∆ blockchain is able to achieve rapid and persistent finality of transactions without the risk of roll-back or chain reorganizations. Unlike proof-of-work systems, even the largest and best-funded attackers can do little more than contribute additional throughput to the network. Moreover, using Casanova’s unique approach to consensus, the C∆ blockchain is able to finalize transactions forever within just a few minutes. For applications that demand improved transaction latency, transactions can be confirmed to a statistical certainty instantaneously, limiting merchant and consumer risk at the point of sale.