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Our Work

Founded by engineers and mathematicians, Pyrofex seeks out unique and challenging projects and product lines at the nexus of formal methods, cryptography, and internet technology. We foster a collaborative and autonomous work environment, allowing each team to find elegant solutions to important problems. From the top down, Pyrofex founders demand as much from themselves as they do of others

Our People

The path each of our people has taken to get here is unique–one of our founders has a Ph.D., but the other dropped out of college. (Twice!) As a result, we have built a hiring process that focuses on identifying the most talented and driven candidates, rather than those with particular credentials. We believe real innovation requires constant learning and learning requires constant failure. We hire people with drive and passion, who are inspired to stretch themselves in an attempt to do the incredible.

Open Positions:

Software Engineer

Pyrofex hires software engineers at all levels from students, to recent graduates, to academics, to engineers with decades of experience. We are particularly interested in engineers with a knowledge of functional programming, type theory, a solid background in computer science, and Haskell.

Site Reliability Engineer / DevOps

Are you interested in working with a hard-core team of brilliant engineers on technologies that will change the world? Tired of corporate awareness training, pointless meetings, bloviating managers, and political games? Looking for an environment that hires great engineers, gives them the tools to do great things, and expects them to do so?