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Pyrofex was founded in early 2016 by ex-Googlers Mike Stay, Ph.D., and Nash E. Foster. One of Utah Valley’s earliest and most successful blockchain startups, Pyrofex has grown from its co-founding team of 2 people to over 35 people in just a few short years. Pyrofex continues to develop innovative technologies for the blockchain space including its CryptoFex IDE and its unique payment solution, NumiFex. Pyrofex has blazed the trail for blockchain platform technology through its partnerships, including a close relationship with the RChain Cooperative and others.


At Pyrofex, we hire for strength and not for lack of weakness. We hire for talent and potential, rather than specific knowledge of a tool or a language. Everyone on our team has something to learn and somewhere to grow. Pyrofex employees range from Ph.Ds with extensive formal education to autodidacts who learn everything on their own. Some of us have years of experience and some are just starting our careers. But, all of us are driven to be great at what we do. The path we’ve taken so far is unique and we believe the same will be true of our best employees.


Pyrofex is searching for a Linux System Administrator to help build our Linux infrastructure and network and run the day to day operations of our busy development office. Our administrators are self-starters who multitask in a busy environment, automate repetitive tasks, and attend to all the details of our increasingly complex infrastructure.

Successful administrators demonstrate fastidious attention to detail, knowledge of firewalls, continuous integration, networking, and other Internet technologies. To be successful, our systems administrators must be familiar with one or more scripting languages such as bash, Perl, or Python.

Some of the technologies we use include Ubuntu, Debian, Gitlab, ProxMox, Juniper networking equipment, Zimbra, Postgres, Cyrus IMAPd, LDAP, KVM, Packer, Terraform, and others. Our products are written in languages including JavaScript, Python, Scala, Rust, and the ever-ubiquitous C/C++.

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