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Casanova Consensus Protocol

Pyrofex introduces Casanova, a leaderless optimistic consensus protocol designed for use in the blockchain contexts. Casanova produces blocks in a directed acyclic graph (DAG) rather than in a chain and combines voting rounds with block production by singling out conflicting transactions. As a result, Casanova is poised to be one of the first provably safe, live, and correct consensus algorithms that can operate at global transaction scale. With Casanova, Pyrofex looks forward to unlocking the next generation of blockchain technology through CΔ.

CDelta: An Overview

C∆ is going to be the blockchain to get global scalability to the level of Visa. Built on a directed acyclic graph (DAG) and using the fast optimistic default protocol, with a few hundred validators, C∆ can process 2,000x the transactions per second that Bitcoin can, with confirmation times fast enough to pay for groceries at your local supermarket.

Powered by Casanova, C∆ makes revolutionary advances in consensus and transaction processing while maintaining the highest standards of safety and liveness. It has several new, built-in security optimizations such as enemy-specific traffic delays, zero-weight validators, and line-item vetos. These make it so malicious actors can only slow their own traffic, leaving every honest user’s experience happily optimized.

C∆ will open the door for banks, businesses, and individuals to make easy, fast, low-cost transactions that cut out the middle man. It will integrate seamlessly with products like Numifex, saving businesses and individuals money on both ends of the transaction.

Looking for the blockchain that will change everything? Look no further.

Numifex: Cryptocurrency Payment Processing

A fixed-price payment processing solution for cryptocurrency transactions. Become your own payment processor today and take control of what happens with your revenue.

Reliable & Secure
Distributed Systems

Pyr8 is a fast and secure JavaScript runtime for web server applications. It introduces the object capabilities (OCAPS) model to JavaScript. This provides a mathematically robust security model for managing access to sensitive resource, such as the file system, networks, etc. With Pyr8 you can guarantee that your project and its dependencies have access, only to the sensitive resources they need and none of them that they don’t.
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Custom Blockchain Solutions

Our experience in mathematics, cryptography, formal verification, system engineering, and information security allow us to build custom blockchain solutions to meet your business needs. Whether it’s an open-source platform, a permissioned ledger system, or somewhere in between, Pyrofex’s team can deliver the right solution for you. Learn More…

We’re Hiring Come Do Your Best Work

At Pyrofex, we hire for strength and not for lack of weakness. We hire for capability and talent, not specific knowledge or experience. We don’t keep a checklist of requirements that each candidate needs to meet, because we hire people with a passion for quality, with the creativity to innovate, and with a tremendous drive to succeed. Pyrofex was founded by engineers who want to build great products that delight our users. We seek out meaningful work where we can solve hard engineering problems. We hold high expectations for each other and achieve extraordinary results, as a result. Great engineers want to work with other great engineers on challenging and meaningful problems. Pyrofex hires for talent, drive, and passion. Interested?

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Nash Foster Quoted In Blockpublisher

Nash Foster Quoted In Blockpublisher

“I think there are very serious problems for bitcoin right now. Bitmain posted over half a billion dollars in losses in their most recent financials. If miners aren’t making any money, we’re going to see the hashrate drop, which could make 51% attacks possible. We’ve...

Derek Sorensen Op-Ed: Why Consensus Isn’t Just A Blockchain Thing

Derek Sorensen Op-Ed: Why Consensus Isn’t Just A Blockchain Thing

The word “consensus algorithm” invokes in many people’s minds the intricate mechanisms that both proof-of-work and proof-of-stake blockchains use to process transactions. But consensus algorithms aren’t unique to blockchains; they’ve been around for decades. In fact,...

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